Entry: I've Been Tagged! 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me... Thursday, January 11, 2007

Duhh... I knew it would hapen sooner or later. Claudio tagged me, so now I have to confess to the world five personal secrets that I have been hidden all these years.

Well, here I go:

1. I'm a book freak. Yeah, many people know about my technical bookshelf, which I even have partially listed to share in my website. But I'm also a deep into literature. I like to read a lot, and my house is full of books everywhere.

I love literature since a kid, and I can read in Spanish, English, Italian and some French. Although I mostly used to read science fiction when I was younger, I derived aftewards into other stuff and then moved from literature into the edges of philosopy and sociology.

2. I write fiction, too.

I even published a fantastic literature fanzine called Gurbo when I was about 17, for about 13 issues, and hen I contributed with many more. Over time, I published a few short stories and I keep several longer works (a couple would-be novels) in the works.

I also wrote poetry and still do it from time to time, and I published some also but I'm never happy with my production as a poet. Sure enough, writing fiction is something that I'd like to do if I had more time.

3. It is true: I have a geeky family.

We have about half a dozen computers at home, including one in the kitchen that my wife uses for her cooking recipes and to organize he family schedules and so on. We four (my two girls, 5 and 10, my wife and me) have all our smartphones, pocket PCs, handycam and camera, several portable players and games, etc.

Happily enough, we have one single (if big) TV screen in the house. We are so geeky that we watch most our movies on the computers. Actually, I have even read a few complete novels in my phone...

4. I'm shy! Really!

Even while I spent a great deal of my time talking, teaching, pressenting, etc, and I seem quite self-confident, I don't hang too well with people outside of my professional life. This is maybe what drove me to read and write so much, and eventually exposed myself to the public. I can talk for hours, literally until my voice get broke as many people know, but always around specific (mostly technical) topics, but it is not so easy for me to start talking to people I hardly know in a party, for example.

5. Fun revelation: I quit driving

I have always been a loosy driver. I'm always thinking in something else, so many times I can't really concentrate on the road, the signs, and so on. Finally, instead of getting mad with my wife because she was always gving me directions, I quit.

Now she drives most of the time. I can drive from time to time, the same way I smoke a cigarrette from time to time even if I'm not a smoker, but I stopped driving and during the last year when I was working in a company more than half and hour from home, I discovered that I had an additional hour of reading... <s>

Well, I have not than many secrets after all. Now's my time to tag five other people, so I will pick:

The Teacher: Angel "Java" López

Ken Levy

Craig Berntson

Andrés Aguiar

Eugenio Serrano (and maybe we fork this meme into Spanish)

Now's your turn!



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